Dear Resident(s)

In an effort to keep our community visually appealing and enjoyable to current and new residents, management will begin enforcing our Balcony/Patio Standards for all residents that reside in our community. Maintaining “curb appeal” is a priority that involves not only our grounds and landscape but also the appearance of balconies and patios. Throughout the year balcony/patio inspections will be conducted in order to insure residents comply with our standards for cleanliness and permissible items.

Our goal is to “educate then enforce” our standards for balcony/patio compliance. Our Balcony/Patio Standards are listed below. Please review carefully in order to insure that your balcony/patio complies with our standards. There will be no exceptions to these standards and your cooperation is mandatory.

Violations of our Balcony/Patio Standards are taken seriously by management and will be addressed in the following manner. Subject to ongoing inspections and documentation of balcony/patio violations a warning letter detailing the occurrence will be forwarded to resident(s). Resident(s) will have two business days to correct the violation. Unresolved and continued violations are considered a breach of the lease agreement and will be addressed by management.

If you have any questions regarding our Balcony/Patio Standards please contact the office at 315-458-2641 for assistance and clarification. Please keep in mind that our compliance program begins immediately and violation notices will be issued. Please take the time to evaluate your balcony/patio to insure it complies with our standards and address any items that may need to be removed.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in helping to maintain a rental community that we all take pride in and can be proud of.

Kind Regards,


Wood Wind Gardens


CLOTHING/RUGS: Residents are prohibited from drying clothing (including beach towels) rugs and tarps of any kind on balcony/patio. Clothes hampers, boots, shoes, and any type of clothing are not permissible on balcony/patio.

BBQ GRILLS: These are against fire code and can result in fines from local authorities to residents. Gas/Charcoal grills are not to be stored on balconies/patios, apartments or storage facilities. Propane tanks are absolutely prohibited. Electric grills are permissible.

TRASH: Including cardboard boxes, trash bags, or cans are not allowed. All trash should be appropriately disposed of at the on-site trash centers.

CIGARETTE BUTTS: Please dispose of butts carefully and responsibly in a fire proof dispenser. Cigarette butts discarded over balconies onto lawn/parking/entryways/or common areas will not be tolerated by management.

FURNITURE: Only furniture designed for outdoor use is acceptable on balconies/patios. Furniture intended for indoor use including couches, recliners, chairs, (including folding card table chairs), tables, bed frames, futons, hammocks, etc. are not permissible.



BIRD FEEDERS/WIND CHIMES Are not permissible.

DECORATIVE LIGHTING: Are not permissible. Decorative lighting appropriate to a holiday season such as Halloween/Christmas will be allowed only during the months by which those holidays occur in. Decorative lighting and holiday decorations which are “out of season” with respect to the holiday must be removed from balcony/patio.

PLANTS/FLOWERS/FLOWER BOXES: All expired plants/flowers and empty (non flowering) flower boxes should be removed from balcony/patio. Portable Green Houses are not allowed.

No outside aerials or wires of any nature are allowed to be installed by tenant.

FLAGS: See management regarding acceptable flag display.

*No alterations, signs, decorations may be “attached” to the balcony wall or rails.